House renting myths

There are quite a lot of myths surrounding renting houses. Most of these myths are based on the misconception that you must compare renting a house to buying a house. However, this is like comparing apples and oranges. It only leads to skewed views on both renting as well as buying. In order to avoid such misunderstandings, this blog will tell you more about some of the most common myths that surround renting a house.

One of the main myths is that renting is not very cost effective. The reasoning goes that, unlike buying a property, you will never own a rented space, and therefore all money you spend on renting is essentially wasted money. However, what people forget is that buying can in some cases be more costly than renting. When you buy a house there will be high maintenance costs. You don’t have such costs when renting.

Another myth that puts people off from renting a house is the myth that you must leave everything in the original state. Although this is true for some places, it definitely doesn’t hold for all rental properties. Most landlords actually welcome changes, because it means you are keeping the property up to date.

Staying with the ‘evil landlord trope’ – it is also a common myth that the landlord has the right to ask you to leave the property at any time without notice. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Unless you stop paying your rent, the landlord must always send you a written notice before asking you to leave. Usually such notices must be given two months in advance.

In short: renting is not always the second best option when compared to buying. In fact, why don’t we just stop comparing the two? It is better to base your decision on the situation you are in, and start from there.


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