The pro’s and con’s of renting

When you find yourself in that moment that you need a house there are roughly two options. Buying a house or renting a house. If you are a young and without a family buying a house can be very hard and very expensive. Renting seems like a much more convenient option to choose. To help you understand what the benefits and disadvantages are of renting, we put some of them in this blogpost for you to read.

Advantage: You are much more flexibel when you are renting. If you loose your job or if you have to relocate it is much easier to move then if you are a houseowner. Maybe you can find a house to rent in a area you could not live in if you had to buy the house instead. You don’t have to pay for maintenance for the house, the houseowner which is probably your landlord has to do that for you. You won’t have to spend money on that so that is a big plus! If you want to move it is very easy to quit your renting contract. You don;t have to worry about finding a buyer for your house.
Disadvantage: If you rent an house you are not investing your money at all. It just goes to the landlord and besides a place to live you will not be seeing your money again. If you are renting for a longtime this is a lot of money, just think about it. What if you want to change something about your house? Like a wall you want out to gain more space in your living room. As a tennant you have to ask permission with the landlord. Chances are you will not get permission because you probably not the last tennant of the house.


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